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  • Elizabeth Beckett, author and mystic

The Knights Templar

Mystery surrounds the brotherhood of the Knights Templar. It is an order that we know existed for about 200 years and consisted of holy and fighting men from Europe. The Templars made Jerusalem their capital as they protected pilgrims bound for the Holy Land and fought alongside crusaders to maintain their territories and those of their patron, the Catholic Church. We also know that many of their number were exterminated by this selfsame church under the command of the King of France early in the 14th century. The Templars had grown too powerful, too rich, and too independent. The Knights Templar were officially dissolved in 1312 and their wealth and assets were mostly swallowed by the church. Although this is the known history of the brotherhood, conspiracies about their belief systems, hidden agendas, and true activities surrounded them throughout the two centuries of their recorded history, and surround them to this day.

More than 700 years later there remain more questions about this band of brothers than ever before. Who were they really and how did they independently rise to power so quickly before being recruited by the Catholic Church? Where did the sect come from and what became of them after many of their brothers were executed and the order dismantled? How are they connected to other orders and sects around the world that existed before their time and have flourished since? What is their connection to Christ and the energy of love? What did their symbols mean and why have so many of them, such as the Fleur-de-lys, lasted through time? What secrets were they protecting in the Holy Land and what was the meaning of their clandestine ceremonies and initiation rites? Ultimately, what was the true mission of the Knights Templar and why was it so secret?

In my latest and 6th book, Templar, I answer some of these questions, but not all. The pure heart of the Knights Templar was esoteric, and so many secrets must remain with them. What I do explain is the cosmic origins of the order and that the Templars were one manifestation of a never-ending process of heavenly assistance for the Earth. The purpose of which was to raise human consciousness and guide the planet toward the higher vibration of love and ultimate ascension to everlasting peace.

The Knights Templar were part of a higher universal order—one fragment in a long and convoluted story of the evolution of life, that continues to this day. Templar links the origins of the cosmos to the ethereal realms, and ascended entities such as Melchizedek and the Great White Brotherhood; to ancient civilizations on Earth, the Atlantis continent, and mythological periods when dragons roamed; to the life of Christ and his descendants; to the Dragon Courts of Merovingia and the knights of the round table. Interwoven between these links is a metaphysical description of the quantum—the invisible and superphysical fabric that surrounds us and all of life.

The Knights Templar existed as one snapshot in time within a process that is continually epochal and never-ending. Similarly, Templar zooms out to describe the Templars’ role of service as an eyeblink within a transcendent and interconnected multiverse that is fueled by love and light. Our connection to the heavens is confirmed through the fluid and ever-present quantum field. The multi-layered quantum is the medium that enables both physical and superphysical (more than just physical, including metaphysical) information to be shared by a single multiverse through a common language or code. The space-time fabrics, or continua, that enable the unfolding of life are draped upon the multitude of toruses, or flower-like structures, upon which realities and universes expand and collapse—the cosmological garden.

The Templars’ true battle was reminiscent of the universal fight of dark forces against light. Their real purpose was to guide humanity and the Earth toward an ascended consciousness ever while thwarted by those who would control the power of love and extinguish the light of the world. This is a timeless story, one we all know well, but also one of which God, through the language of love, is always the victor.

If you are interested in an historical romp with the knights through the Holy Land and a detailed and accurate account of their rituals and lives, you will be disappointed. Templar by Elizabeth Beckett is an otherworldly encounter with larger-than-life esoteric truths and cosmological grand plans. Expect the unexpected.

Below is an extract of one chapter of Templar, a verse that encapsulates their piece of the cosmic story:

The Knights Templar

God's love began as just a spark

that brought the light from out the dark

and then it moved to start new worlds

of universes, stars of gold

Deep in the continua of space and time

a multitude of life began

abundant realities, realms, and races

expanded out in different places

Within the void the forces started

from one power the darkness parted

and birthed the light and all its servants

so filled with love, but still not perfect

The cosmos was a complex kingdom

but just one love gave up its freedom

and changed its power into body

whose source was still sublime and Godly

Across the sky the Lords of Light

began their holy grail flight

the journey to the sacred source

to enlightenment they'd set a course

Melchizedek was one of these

one Lord within the cosmic frieze

he had a host right out of heaven

and on the Earth these were his brethren

They wore the cross upon their chest

and symbols like Orion's crest

these signs were evidence that they

came from a pure celestial way

Within the dragon lore they strove

to access God's gilt treasure trove

of ancient truths and mysteries

and powers from the dragon seas

They had one single quest, you see

this priestly caste from Arcady

to prepare the world for one who knows

a teacher like the red, red rose

The illuminator would be sent

when Lucipher was almost spent

just like the prophet had foretold

to show how darkness could be gold

The rose upon the cross of life

through hurt and turmoil, loss and strife

the soul upon the crucifix

was just one piece of God's matrix

One link in a celestial chain

to deliver man from fear and pain

and powerlessness that should not be

because mankind is always free

Excalibur, the sacred X

the weapon of their Godly quest

vibration of the higher law

the code of love before the fall

The shield of faith, the Fleur-de-lys

upon their mantle fervently

and pillar of their paramour

the cloak of love God's proud armor

They formed a circle, their swords held high

inwards and upwards to a lofty sky

the light shone down upon their ring

a pyramid of everything

The hierarchy from which they came

transcended fear and hate and blame

they were God's masters of the light

sworn by oath to pray or fight

To be included in their line

was to commit one's soul through all of time

to walk a more exalted road

and help to carry heaven's load

This could not be the path for all

decreed by God and kharmic law

because the depths of their true power

lay hidden in God's chosen flower

Not all could use their delegation

with such peace and quiet elation

to carry such a mystic gem

is a sure sign of the purest men

Their knowledge of the universes

of quanta, laws, and healing curses

hailed from a far exalted place

and shapeshifted through all time and space

The Templar code was pure and bright

and earned from work, not a birth rite

but every group that hides its way

is suspect by the human fray

So over time their secrets shifted

and far apart the brethren drifted

till all their symbols of the night

became encrypted in plain sight

In private sects and signs of light

their way of love was given flight

through art and masonry they wove

their ancient law and hidden code

Their initiations became more veiled

their brilliance now vastly paled

so they did not attract the heed

of those with misspent power and greed

Their chivalry now but a myth

gone from the world goodness and faith

their pledge upon the holy quest

came fast undone in God's own mess

The ones who were not true or sure

went blindly after holy war

and launched a series of crusades

that meant no more than being paid

Because behind these holy troubles

was nothing but the church and nobles

determined that to dominate

was their own self-appointed fate

They said they followed Templar law

because of crosses that they wore

but really these weren't knights of light

because true Templars did not fight

Not mundane battles anyway

because they came from far away

beyond the Earth, and stars, and sun

and knew of their own Lordly one

God's love was all they ever knew

but in his name the armies slew

the innocents and other people

mostly for wealth and the pope's own steeple

The path of love began to bend

toward an old and welcome friend

it moved away from those who fought

and settled in the royal courts

The courts of love were its new home

in hearts of men who would atone

for all their human imperfections

and in God's light drew strong reflections

The path of freedom could not end

because God's love could always send

more helpers from the milky way

who knew the rules and how to play

These brethren were the brotherhood

of Knights of Light so great and good

whose temple crosses held all power

at heaven's gate—the dragon flower

Emblazoned clear upon the sky

the Star of David did not lie

but lit the world all warm and bright

firm proof that there were Lords of Light

The channel for the flow of love

came down from Draco high above

her transcendental sea of faith

became the vassal for God's grace

The Templars were but one of these

who heralded the time of peace

and showed the world that lumination

was heaven's goal for their own nation

In the name of the cross the brethren toiled

in the name of the rose the world unveiled

the message of the holy one

the battle ahead, already won.

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