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  • Elizabeth Beckett, author and mystic

My Story: the Life of Yeshua

“My name is Yeshua. You pronounce it Jesh-you-a. If you were drunk it would sound like you were saying “Yes, you are.” I trust you are not drunk, because this is My Story, and I would like you to be concentrating.

"I was born more than 2,000 Earth years ago in the land you know as Israel, specifically the Palestinian Territories. I lived a human life as a mortal man, and I did not die on a Roman crucifix. Humanity has imagined me into a God since then. An unattainable myth in the form of a man called Jesus—whom none of us knew. I am not, and never was, such a thing or person. But occasionally I do feel mildly flattered.

“I was a mystic, sage, friend, lover, rabble-raiser, drunk, wanderer, goat- and sheep-herder, healer, rebel, exhibitionist, teacher, preacher, hallucinogenic drug-experimenter, father, son, husband, leader, and servant of the light. I did not do a lot of carpentry. I do agree that my life was a success, and I would like to take you on a journey to explain why.”


Many books have been written about the avatar most people know as Jesus, although he was born Jehovah and was later called by his mystical name, Yeshua, meaning one who brings love. This latest release is the story of Yeshua written from his perspective, and explores his coming-of-age, and the agonizing years of grappling with his inner divinity and then learning how to express it. As with all of my books, My Story provides an alternative perspective to the commonly accepted accounts of this lively character who rose to notoriety as a blessed servant of God.

My Story depicts the real man behind the legend—his strengths and failings, friendships and lovers, battles with authority, society, religious sects, and his own egocentricities and doubts. In this book, Yeshua is a relatable, evolving man with whom you could sit and share a drink and a laugh. He is deeply attached to his home—the Holy Land—and his band of misfit brothers (and sisters) who join him in a quest to revolt against the mess that their land has become.

The heavy hand of Rome is shown as equally destructive to that of the misguided religious sects that dominate their society. We join these rabble-raisers as they breakaway from meaningless and corrupt religious domination and explore the mystical realms of truth, healing, cosmic ancestry, and love. The reader is led hand-in-hand with Yeshua through his angst and ecstasy as he awakens to the true calling of his soul and the conscious realization of who he is as an infinite being. We walk with him as he remembers his role in the Order of Melchizedek and the divine army of light, as well as his connection to the sacred bloodlines of conscious beings that are part of Earth’s history.

Most importantly, we come to understand how Yeshua survived his crucifixion, and why. My Story takes readers on a soul journey, not into the heavy, dull, and dogmatic facts and fables of common knowledge about the man and times, but into a world of such rich and relatable vibrancy that we finally begin to understand why the soul of Yeshua is fit to wear the crown of Christ Consciousness.

Controversial but enlightening, Yeshua’s greatest gift to the world was that he lived as a shining example of truth and joy. Of course, he was a highly conscious being with profound universal messages of love and enlightenment, but it was his sheer humanness and purity of spirit that are the lasting imprints he has left in our collective memory, and that we can call on to guide us through the deepest and darkest times of our experience here on Earth.


About the Author: Based mostly in London, Elizabeth Beckett is an established author, researcher, and mystic. Her previous titles include A Memory of Flight: the Story of Earth and Life (2011), I am Celtic: the Story of Abathscantia and the Dragon Isles (2012), Lucifer: the Story of a Descended Angel (2015), and The Book of Life: the Ancient Egyptian Mysterie Schools (2015).

My Story is available on Amazon in softcover and e-book formats. For more information or to contact the author: elizabethbeckett @ , or visit Elizabeth Beckett’s website:

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