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Elizabeth Beckett

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About me


I am a multidimensional person with a lot of interests and I write books to share my beliefs with the world and hopefully assist in raising planetary consciousness. I am a private person and you won’t find me actively promoting myself. I know it is difficult for readers not to be able to associate a face and a personality with an author. I am not in hiding, but I am an introvert. I also dart away from the camera, so unfortunately no profile pic. either. I assure you that I don’t have any unusual or distinguishing characteristics, purple skin, or pointy ears.    


The image used in my profiles is of a Hathor from a temple in Egypt. The Hathors are an ascended intergalactic civilization that have worked consistently through the ages on project Earth. They were particularly active during the golden age of Egypt assisting with raising consciousness through sound, healing, and love, and these beautiful beings have been some of our greatest teachers.     


Elizabeth Beckett is a pseudonym, but I am a woman, and have never published under another name. 


Sun-sign: Gemini (Capricorn Ascendent)

Asian-sign: Earth Goat/Sheep (bleet/bah)

Blood-group: A negative

Numerology Life Path: 6 (33)



* * *



How I work


I am a conscious channel. This means that the information for my books is fed to me through my consciousness–my mind–and onto the page. Most of the time, the full book is channelled to me, word-by-word, as if it were being read to me. 


I know this sounds spooky, but we all have voices in our heads and I just happen to have a particularly close relationship with mine. You can think of the source of my inspiration as divine, or if you prefer, that it comes from unseen celestial helpers or my own spiritual self. I also don’t mind if you believe I make everything up. 


Either way, I cannot take all the credit for my work. I consider myself a facilitator of universal intelligence and that my task is to transmit forgotten mystical and spiritual knowledge and wisdom (universal truth) back to humanity. In this I have a lot of invisible help. My job consists of listening, intuiting, researching, writing, and having faith that what I am given is in fact truth and that the material will eventually find the right audience.



* * * 








How I research


As mentioned in How I Work, I believe that I am a facilitator for universal messages of truth–particularly truth that has been buried or repressed for a long time. When I am inspired to begin a new book, information usually starts leaking through to me years beforehand. I start putting the story together in my head and am usually guided to visit certain places and read specific books. Most of the books I write are preceded by intensive desk research and site visits (travel research–loads of fun). Obviously the intergalactic and lost-continent stories make travel research difficult. This is when I can rely almost entirely on my ability to channel information from the celestial realms and my higher-self, as well as absorbing the story through my psychic senses (spooky research–also loads of fun). I remember many of my past lives, and this helps a lot too.



* * *



Why I prefer to remain anonymous  


I am cautious about promoting my work, and am unlikely to ever promote myself. I feel that the books I write have a life of their own and are somehow objectively separate from me. The books I create have their own distinctive energy imprints. The messages I transfer are more than two-dimensional words on a page. I transformed myself and my life by writing books, and I believe they will transform those who read them. For this reason, I would prefer that the books find people, rather than the other way around. I trust that readers will naturally gravitate towards my work when, and if, they feel ready.

In this process of books finding readers, I as the author must remain separate, and removed from what I have created. If you have read a few of my books you will understand why. Not only do the books have their own personalities, but they can be controversial as well. I am not my books, but I do facilitate their creation. I believe wholeheartedly in their content, but would prefer readers to make up their own minds about what they read, and this has nothing to do with me.  



* * *



Why I write 


Because it is who I am. My books are imprints of my soul and part of my spiritual purpose. For a person like me, fulfilling a spiritual purpose is as important to their survival as food and air. My writing was initiated in 2006 during a spiritual workshop in Florida. I channelled information to the group, which now appears in my book A Memory of Flight. My spiritual teacher recommended that I started writing things down, and it was another four years before I had the time to do this.   


I write books for people who have been searching for answers to life’s mysteries, and have not found them. If you are like me, you have been asking questions for a long time; and have received no responses, or poor responses. Even with our modern-day wealth of media-delivered information, my questioning self has remained un-satiated. So much of our written history has been destroyed, manipulated, or remains hidden. Oral histories seem to have dissolved through time, fear, social disintegration, and indigenous cultural degeneration. I write for all the ‘me’s out there who know instinctively that the story of Earth and Life is not what we have been led–or conditioned–to believe. I seek to bring about a revival in our collective remembered history–the blueprint of humanity’s spiritual (cellular) memory.   


On a more mundane level, I sat down in the garden one day to write and just couldn’t stop. I have more ideas than I think I could transmit in a lifetime, and so am selective about the projects I take on (or rather that take me on). 



* * *




How I would like my work to be interpreted


I would like my work to be understood uniquely by separate individuals. There will be as many interpretations of my books as there are people who read them. The information that I share is my truth, which I believe reflects universal truth. But if you have read some of my work you will know that I believe everybody’s truth to be in essence universal truth. Conclusively, I don’t mind how my books are interpreted. I seek to open minds, not necessarily to change them.


If you resonate with the stories and messages that I bring forth then we are of like mind. If you sort-of resonate with them then I think certain books will appeal to you and others will not. If my work scares you, I apologize. If you are not comfortable with something then it is best to disregard it, or think about it at another time, or convince yourself that I am mad or possessed. If the books anger you, then you are probably somebody who resonates with the material but is not ready to accept it. It is up to you what to do next. 


Sometimes it is difficult for even me to believe the things I write; particularly the way-out wacky stuff. My face often holds a look of surprise as my hands type furiously to keep pace with my channelled thoughts. Then after some time, the words settle into the fine fabric I have come to understand as universal actuality. Through the process of channelling I have learnt to trust in my intuitive powers; since every fact, every minute detail, is somehow eventually verified to me as real. This is a process that goes way beyond the limits of recorded history, or the structured sterility of our current belief systems. It is cosmic mind in action.  



* * *




Last Word


I write as part of my own soul’s evolutionary journey, which is also your journey, which is also the Earth and the entire universe’s journey. This journey is a never-ending story propelled by love and light. It is inevitable that it will have a happy ending.


May you go in Peace and Light,








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