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Released: March 2015

Available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Backcover: Lucifer is the angel with a bad rap. True, he wasn’t called the Dark Angel for nothing. He was born for the mission of bringing dark energies to the Earth. And he has done so with passion and persistence. No one is more responsible than Lucifer for hell on Earth—the loneliness, the sickness, and the unspeakable violence experienced by humanity for hundreds of thousands of years.


And yet …his profound efforts were aimed only at testing souls, forcing a balance between darkness and light, and in the process elevating Human—and Cosmic—consciousness. Get to know Lucifer—the real Lucifer—and you’ll never think the same way about darkness and light, good and evil, the Universe and the Earth—or yourself—again.


Overview: The Story of a Descended Angel. 

Lucifer is a brief, intense novel about the Dark Angel with a bad rap. The story is set more than a million years back in Earth-time and follows the life of this unique Angel who set himself a particular purpose to serve humankind. From the heavenly creation of the human being as overseen by the universal White Brotherhood to Lucifer’s current role in soul-testing, the Dark Angel’s true purpose in spiritual evolution is revealed.


Author's notes: Do not be afraid! Lucifer is a story filled with love, light, and unconditional compassion for the human journey and the evolution of universal soul consciousness. If you have ever been curious about how some of the universal laws such as kharma and cause and effect play out—and why this happens on Earth—or have deep, unanswered questions about Why me?!, then Lucifer is a book for you. In this story, the Earth’s unique role in the never-ending dance between darkness and light is narrated through the life journey of the intrepid and eternally luminescent (but misunderstood) Angel, Lucifer. 



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