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I Am Celtic

Released: 2012


Backcover: Her story began in the areas we now call Northern Africa, or Abathscantia, and the United Kingdom, or the Dragon Isles. She left Atlantis as an ordinary person and arrived in the British Isles as a leader. Rising to greatness as a powerful visionary, her descendants were destined to become the Celtics–that mystical nation who would colonize most of the United Kingdom in time.


Overview: The Story of Abathscantia and the Dragon Isles. 

I Am Celtic is a story set in about 10,000 BCE and takes the reader from the destruction of Atlantis, to Egypt, across Northern Africa and the Mediterranean, and finally to the British Isles, specifically England. The story spans the lifetime of the beautiful but sensitive Solveigh, and follows her challenging journey of love, loss, adventure, and awakening.


I Am Celtic is both a narrative and an inspirational guide that takes the reader deep into the truth of that time in Earth’s history as well as exploring universal mystical and spiritual concepts about life. The story sets out to transform widely-held, but limiting, opinions of recorded history and aims to provide answers to certain unsolved human myths such as the global flood and destruction of Atlantis; the beginnings of the Egyptian empire and the pyramids; the inland sea of Northern Africa and Abathscantian settlements; the Dragon Isles (British Isles) and the Faerie People who lived in subterranean caves; the Colcotec tribe of Atlantis and the Celtic tribe of Britain.    


And of course it has a happy ending.  


Author's notes: I Am Celtic is a remarkable adventure, and an insightful look into the myths that surrounded Atlantis, Northern Africa, and the British Isles. Through Solveigh’s story, we begin to understand how the history and legends of these places were linked, and how ancient advanced civilizations on Earth existed alongside more rudimentary and prehistoric cultures.  




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