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A Memory of Flight

Released: 2011


Backcover: The Council was concerned. The Earth experiment was in trouble. Of course, it had always been in trouble, more or less. Reptiles, along with Birds, had ruled the Earth for 150 million years but had been allowed to die out. Monkey people, the first intelligent species to occupy the Earth, had lasted five million years. Finally, the Human species had been promising, but it had a maddening capacity to do as much evil as good. Interventions from Angels, avatars, Hathors, and assorted drop-ins had been sent over the millennia to keep the balance. As linear time approached 2012 CE, the Council decided it was time to send an Avatar of Synthesis to the planet Earth. It called upon Cansulus, one of the royal four who had been there before and whose personal story was intricately woven with that of the Earth. The attainment of lasting world peace depended on Cansulus' success in finding her own peace. Would she succeed?


Overview: The Story of Earth and Life. 

This story follows the adventures of a young woman called Cansulus in her intergalactic journey to find the source of her own understanding of life on Earth and her role in it. A Memory of Flight introduces a lot of the primary concepts of Elizabeth Beckett's work to readers. Many of these key spiritual concepts are reiterated and expanded upon in subsequent works by the author. For example: Egypt and the pyramids, the Hathors, avatars, Memnon the Snake God, and Atlantis.  

One of the features of A Memory of Flight is the inclusion of a metaphysical timeline for planet Earth and the existence of the human species.


Author's notes: A Memory of Flight is a brief, intriguing book that introduces readers to old and new mystical concepts. The book lays down many original concepts explored in the other books.

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