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Released: July 2017



My name is Yeshua. You will know me as Jesus the Christ, although nobody called me that when I was alive. This is my human story as it unfolded during those turbulent times in the Holy Land. I did not die on a Roman crucifix, although most people thought I did. I escaped with my band of brothers to England, and then to Scotland.
I was a mortal man with human weaknesses—although undeniably blessed by God as his everlasting servant. I worked for love, and I worked for light, and I was desperate to heal the degenerating land of my forefathers. In this I failed, but in my quest for truth, love, joy, enlightenment, and surrender, I was a resounding success. So successful in fact that the world still talks about me. I would like to take you on a journey to explain why. I would like to tell you My Story.


Overview and Author's Comments:


There are an overwhelming number of accounts of the life of this man who was born Jehovah and was later called Yeshua, or one who brings love. Somewhere within this worldly multitude of perspectives, of a man who certainly did exist, lies the truth. The truth of who he really was and ultimately what he accomplished in his life of renown as a human being in the Holy Land two millennia ago.
My Story channels his true voice and the real life behind the legend. Yes, he was exalted, and special, but Yeshua was also mortal, flawed, and at times weak and egotistical. He was real and relatable. Eccentric, brilliant, and powerful, he was also unstoppable in his messages of love, light, and truth.
Until he was stopped; persecuted, and crucified for his beliefs that challenged the corrupt and disintegrating order of the day, and the powers that were, within his homeland.
Although Yeshua survived his crucifixion it was the crisis point of his life that taught him surrender. Surrender to a much higher power than himself—to a far more exalted order, and to the celestial forces that worked through him but were not necessarily of him.
If he were here today he would say that he does not mind that he was often misunderstood and that his messages have been mixed up over time. As a being of the highest order of love and light in the universe, this messenger of the eternal would say that it doesn’t matter what your truth is, or what you believe, as long as it leads you deeper into yourself and closer to God. To the God of the universe, and the God that is you.


My Story

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