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Released:  June 2023



The lost continents of Earth are part of humanity’s collective history, but even in their time existed behind a veil of mystery. Lemuria was a coral continent, or mega-archipelago, that had many names, including Mu and Lemuár. In this book we remember the origin and purpose of the most advanced society the world has ever known through a simple, human love story. Lord Gillion and Jennifer are royals from different planets, brought together for a single, inevitable purpose. As they explore Lemuria together, they uncover the mystery of themselves as well as the universal code upon which the Coral Continent was created. Can they overcome their hereditary conditioning and egocentric selves to fulfil a predestined journey that was put into motion before they lived? What will they choose as they move beyond the illusion of this world and unravel the true reality of who they are and were always meant to be? Why did their story play out on Lemuria, and can these sacred islands in fact be separated from their pathway into universal consciousness?



The archipelago of Lemuria arose from the warm, vibrant ocean at the intersection of four of Earth’s tectonic plates and was home to the most advanced lifeforms of the mythical age of Earth. For nearly a million years the Coral Continent, or Mu, was powered by a spiritual consciousness that existed beyond the veil of its astounding beauty. Humanity evolved as part of Lemuria’s journey, and a divine code was woven into Earth’s fabric, which remains there still. The individual path of each human being is a pathway back to Mu, to find this everlasting code and put it into practice. How can we create peace and harmony on Earth through human imagination, the power of the collective mind, and using universal blueprints that have existed before? From the origins of our Earth come the answers to our future, omnipotent and inexorable, but also very, very simple.

Author's Comments:
The lost continent of Lemuria, also known as Lemuár or Mu, was a coralline supercontinent that straddled the Indian and Pacific oceans. It was birthed at the intersection of the Pacific, Philippine, Eurasian, and Australian Tectonic Plates and settled a million years ago only to break apart in 80,000 BCE from a solar flare disruption event. Lemuria was the pinnacle civilization during the mythical age of the Earth and its most peaceful mega-society. Mu was operated according to a universal code and in complete harmony with nature and the spiritual realms. Evidence of this way of life remains enshrined in the remnants of Lemuria—the tropical lands and islands of the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, and the Coral Triangle.


Lemuria, I Remember You

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