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  • Elizabeth Beckett

Lucifer: The Descended Angel

We all know something about the fallen Angel Lucifer. Whether you are religious or not, Lucifer has become a mythological figure – often confused with names such as ‘the devil’ or ‘Satan’, which are entirely different concepts.

In truth, Lucipher (as he likes to be called) is a loving being from the Angelic Realm who has tasked himself with assisting humanity with spiritual consciousness in support of universal evolution.

His name means carrier of the light and he voluntarily chose to descend to the Earth plane a long time ago to assist human beings with soul development.

However, in order to do this, the dark angel needs to facilitate humanity to engage with the darker side of their nature so that duality can be balanced and our collective consciousness be brought into the light – and closer to God (or Source, or completion, or whatever that means to you).

Lucifer does this via intricate tests designed to grow each and every soul towards enlightenment and is assisted by legions of angels and light-workers. The dark angel introduces us to our shadow side for our own good – so that we may engage with everything that we are in order to ascend to what we should be. This applies to every individual and humanity at large.

Lucifer is a great friend of the Earth and of humanity but he has developed an undeserved reputation for being naughty and evil.

In my book Lucifer: The Story of a Descended Angel you will get to know the real being behind the myth and understand why his story is so intricately connected with that of the Earth and humanity, and why we owe him our greatest thanks and appreciation.

This book will be on sale on Kindle from 9-16 November 2015 for $0.99.

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