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Welcome to the website of author and mystic Elizabeth Beckett.


I am a creator of visionary and spiritual books about the story of Earth and life as well as ancient and forgotten truths. These stories will take you on a soul journey through the eternal recesses of time and space, and hopefully deeper into your own being. I like to remind people about the essence of mystical knowledge–particularly information that has been lost, forgotten, or hidden during humanity’s evolutionary journey of soul consciousness. 


My work will take you into ancient Egypt and the lost worlds of Atlantis and Lemuria; through Faerie tunnels and along the true path walked by the avatar Yeshua; into intergalactic worlds that busily exist outside the reality of our Earth; through the inter-dimensional halls of Akasha and the ascended Angelic Realm; backwards and forwards in Earth’s timeline from its prehistoric Mythical Age to the re-emergence of extraterrestrially assisted spiritual training centers; through the mysteries and temples of antiquity; and magically into the sanctity of your own spiritual self. 


May you go in Peace and Light,



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