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The Knights Templar were an historical order that existed for about 200 years but were destroyed by their patrons, the Catholic Church, in the early 1300’s. They assisted pilgrims visiting the Holy Land by offering protection and financing and grew powerful and rich, eventually fighting alongside the crusaders with sometimes less than altruistic aims.
But Templar is not about these knights, nor the recorded history of that period. It is a book that considers the role of the true knights of light within both the larger brotherhood that we know about, and also within the context of their universal role of service. The Knights Templar carried the torch as a long line of servants of God and were descended from a spiritual hierarchy that transcended the mundane world. Their purpose was a messianic one; the creation of everlasting peace on Earth through facilitating the code of love. Their profound faith, beliefs, and activities were entirely bound up within the unseen world, and Templar explores the context of the knights’ work within the metaphysical realms as well as the various links throughout history that brought the Knights Templar to prominence. Metaphysics and cosmology, including the quantum, are woven through extracts of unearthly realms; as well as earthbound dragons, royal courts and knightly quests, and the descendants of the Christ.

An extract from the Foreword: The origin of the Knights Templar is not an earthly one and so a true Templar knight is untouchable; the pure Templar mission unreachable, unknowable to the uninitiated, invisible to those who are not sufficiently conscious, and indivisible from the truth. True Templar knowledge and power could never have been destroyed, because it never belonged to humanity in the first place.

Author's Comments:
If you are interested in an historical romp with the Knights Templar through the Holy Land, and a detailed and accurate account of their rituals and lives, you will be disappointed. Templar is an otherworldly encounter with larger-than-life esoteric truths and cosmological grand plans. Expect the unexpected.




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