My Story: the Life of Yeshua

“My name is Yeshua. You pronounce it Jesh-you-a. If you were drunk it would sound like you were saying “Yes, you are.” I trust you are not drunk, because this is My Story, and I would like you to be concentrating. "I was born more than 2,000 Earth years ago in the land you know as Israel, specifically the Palestinian Territories. I lived a human life as a mortal man, and I did not die on a Roman crucifix. Humanity has imagined me into a God since then. An unattainable myth in the form of a man called Jesus—whom none of us knew. I am not, and never was, such a thing or person. But occasionally I do feel mildly flattered. “I was a mystic, sage, friend, lover, rabble-raiser, drunk, wanderer, go

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