Welcome to the Faerie World

Based on the book I AM CELTIC: The Story of Abathscantia and the Dragon Isles This is not a book about the Celts. It is a book about the ancestors of the Celts. The Celts were a blend of a number of lineages including some tribes from the lost continent of Atlantis, prehistoric man, as well as a race known as the Faerie People. These ‘faeries’ were real, actual human beings that evolved in close communion with nature and lived in underground cave systems over the time of the great flood. The United Kingdom (or the Dragon Isles) was one of the regions in which the faeries thrived. During the mythical period of the Earth (874 000-25 000 BCE) the faerie people lived alongside dragons, and the i

Lucifer: The Descended Angel

We all know something about the fallen Angel Lucifer. Whether you are religious or not, Lucifer has become a mythological figure – often confused with names such as ‘the devil’ or ‘Satan’, which are entirely different concepts. In truth, Lucipher (as he likes to be called) is a loving being from the Angelic Realm who has tasked himself with assisting humanity with spiritual consciousness in support of universal evolution. His name means carrier of the light and he voluntarily chose to descend to the Earth plane a long time ago to assist human beings with soul development. However, in order to do this, the dark angel needs to facilitate humanity to engage with the darker side of their nature

7 Secrets about Egypt

Based on The Book of Life by Elizabeth Beckett, author and mystic. Available on Amazon. Click Here. 1. Ancient Egypt is far older than we previously thought The great pyramids and many of the temples are pre-dynastic and most were built before 8,500 BCE. Some are up to 14,000 years old, such as the temple of Karnak in Luxor, which is aligned with the midsummer sunset of approximately 11,500 BCE. This suggests a much older and more mysterious truth lying beneath the layers of archaeological fact that makes up the recorded history of the dynasties. 2. The existence of a ‘cult’ was in reality the Mysterie Schools The real golden age of Egypt began after Atlantis sank about 12,000 years ago.

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